Saturday, August 8

Our Stroller (after 4 months)

Some of you might remember our quest for a double stroller. We have the Chicco Keyfit single travel system, and we didn't particularly want to purchase another infant car seat.

So here are some pictures - we ended up going with the Baby Trend Sit N Stand Plus or something like that - it's a double stroller that converts to a Sit N Stand, which I am planning to do soon. I actually planned to do it sooner, but Evan's still in his infant seat and will be for quite a few more months, so I've been putting it off. But I need to do it soon - see below.

Things I love
1. The car seat works! It's not listed as being compatible - you can see that the bottom does not have the notch that other car seat brands do for locking into the base - but it fits snugly. You do have to push down on it, and the sides of the stroller kind of stretch out a little, but it's snug. And the seat is pretty close to parallel to the ground, so that is good.
2. The lightness - I can easily pick it up and stow it.
3. The easy way it folds
. The versatility - stroller to sit n stand is awesome, and if I had a truly compatible car seat, you can stick the seat in the front OR back - no problem.
5. Snack trays! Removable for kids, 2 cup holders for parents plus a compartment for important items like cell phone, keys, etc!
6. It sorta matches our car seat.
7. Easy strolling, and can handle slightly rougher terrain.

Things I don't like
1. It seems a little flimsy
2. The car seat has been resting on the front seat, so the seam at the top edge is coming apart a little. I can fix this, but I wish I didn't have to.
3. It's hard to push with a 32 pound toddler in the front, especially since his legs are long enough to reach the ground. Time to change to sit n stand!! But...
4. The infant seat will not fit once we do the changeover. So I'm looking for a (cheap!) seat from a garage sale that sorta matches. For Evan, but I'm also thinking ahead. Attention: This is *NOT* an announcement. I am not pregnant.
5. The basket. I don't like that it is hard to get to, and I also don't like the fact that when Aaron IS in back, his feet sort of meander into the basket area.
6. The back seat does not sit up all the way - at least not that we can figure out. So, it is always slightly reclined. Not so comfy for Aaron. He always is moving around trying to get comfortable, but he's not so good at sitting still anyway. And when he's in front, the car seat is definitely in his space.

Overall, I love this stroller. LOVE it. I don't know if I would like the Joovy Caboose any better. If someone wants to fund that test drive, I'd be more than happy to do a review on that one, too. *grins*

I think the solution to most of my "dislike" category is to get a new car seat and switch to the sit n stand feature. Aaron is 3, and that is way too old for a traditional double stroller anyway. Just like it's probably too old for a high chair (only occasionally) and a sippy cup (oops!). I might have a lot of changeovers to do here in the next few months.

Starting with figuring out a way to strap Aaron's booster seat to the chair. Garage sales are fabulous, but occasionally you find that you are missing the safety straps.


Amanda Irene said...

I saw a woman with three kids in her sit and stand and just had to ask her about it! She loved the thing! She said after she got it they came out with the newest model she wished she could have. Something about the seats?

Oh, ribbon, rope... what ever you can use to tie it to the seat to the chair works. You can buy the fancy latches and nylon cord if you want. I say duct tape for a seat belt. oh, oops thats at my house. : )

Doesn't love a wall said...

I have the Joovy Caboose and I love it. Hmmmm the basket is kinda flimsy as well..and when you only have one child in it there's NO good place to hang the diaper bag. We too have the Chicco car seat and it "fits" as well. :)

We just broke all sippies - I switched her to the playtex coolster:

but I found them at Walmart more cheaply. it has just a "hole" in the top for them to sip out of, but there's still a valve. Nice compromise for in the car. At the table big girl cups only!