Monday, August 3

Works of God Monday (extended edition)

What a week it's been! Most of you have been able to see God at work in your family in ways big and in the little things - isn't it amazing to serve and love a God Who is always present, Who has the details of our lives already planned out, and Who gives us the grace we need for every moment? Let's praise Him together!!

Many of you know that I started my Pampered Chef business at the end of June. I had a very specific set of goals that I personally wanted to meet by the end of July - Pampered Chef wasn't pressuring me, I just wanted to get there. Wednesday of last week, it looked rather unlikely. Then I closed my last two shows and thanks to the provision of God through hard working friends and family, I made my monthly sales goal!

I cannot even tell you how thankful I am - the bonuses that meeting this goal earned will really help the business and hopefully will allow us as a family to do some of the things we've been hoping to do financially. Not to mention, I'm getting the best ever Pampered Chef goods stash. Really. I love it!!

Michael has plenty of work to meet our needs - don't get me wrong. And I am VERY thankful for that in a time when most construction workers are struggling to find work. But we are hoping to build our savings with the additional income, and this will help us (hopefully) stay out of debt and avoid "Jehovah Visa" traps. And I don't know if this happens with any of you in your family, but it seems like just when you feel like you're pulling ahead, something else goes wrong - case in point, last week our van needed a $300+ repair that rendered the air conditioning useless and yesterday the van window came off the track. Yeah, one thing after another.

OK rabbit trail! I'm thankful for God's provision through a new job for me. He has orchestrated the details in unimaginable ways, and it's neat to watch Him working.

Blessings also this weekend with the 3rd birthday of Aaron, and my 3rd decade birthday. We had a great time - pictures here. I didn't get to share this in the photo album, but my birthday was so great! We went to church, and Michael taught Sunday School, then we went to work in the 2 year old nursery. There were 14 toddlers in there, and it was fun to get to know Aaron's church friends a little bit. 2 year olds are hilarious. I'm just glad we don't have 14 at our house all at once. They are FULL of energy. I was blessed to be able to serve at our church on my birthday.

Then my parents watched the kiddos during naptime and Michael took me out to lunch for our favorite local Chinese food. It was so nice to be able to gaze mushily into each other's eyes over chopsticks and lo mein. *grin* And then we pretended like we were house shopping and hit an open house before coming home for ice cream coconut cake. YUMMY! A very nice day, to be sure. And don't forget to check out my online birthday party. There's still some cake left! And a week left to win a goody bag!

The missions team from our church is off - left early this morning on their way to Peru to work for 10 days with Tim & Cheryl Chapman. The teens did a little presentation at church last night and I'm thrilled that they get such a great opportunity. I'm certain that God will do a work in their lives, and I am praying that they would be able to see God working in a much different way than usual. Will you pray with me for them?

So, how has God been working in YOUR life this week? It can be something teeny or something gigantic, but please share. It is so encouraging to hear about your blessings, and to be reminded that God is working at all times in all places.

"Therefore encourage one another and build one another up..." 1 Thess. 5:11

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Shelley said...

God is good

Diana said...

We were bummed about missing out on the family reunion in KY this past weekend, but God provided us with lovely weather so we were able to take Ava to the zoo for the first time and Sunday afternoon we took her to get her 6 mos pics that we hadn't had time to do all month. It turned out to be a perfectly wonderful weekend. God reminded us that sometimes we don't get what we want, but He still has plenty of blessings to share that sometimes end of better than what we originally planned.