Thursday, August 6

make mine a large

The craziest DAY ever turned into a pretty crazy few days. EW. I'm exhausted. I'm also looking forward to going to see a play with Michael tonight. Thanks, Mom & Dad! One of the girls from our youth group is performing tonight, so that makes it even more exciting.

And as for how to spend the time between now and then, I'm hoping for either a nap or a JUMBO dose of energy. Anyone know where I can find an energy bottler? Aaron has plenty enough for the two of us. It's so fun. He asked to wear is "fast running shoes" today and then in the van was mimicking everything I said and laughing maniacally. He knows it's annoying, and thinks it's funny. Yesterday, he came over and gave me a very long, thoughtful look. I inquired what he was thinking about - his answer? "I just love you, mom."

Melt, melt.

And thanks to Kara, I'm now wishing I hadn't sworn off sweets (welllll, I'm at least drooling over the recipes she linked). If I make these without icing, would it still count as a dessert?

And speaking of giving up desserts, I actually had to give away half of my birthday cake. None of you called me and asked for some, so you only have yourselves to blame. *grin* If you haven't already, get on over and enter my birthday giveaway already!!


Mary Ann said...

Your comment about Aaron being annoying & thinking it's funny just causes me to think, it starts early with men doesn't it? *grin* The guys that I work with often combine that annoying/funny thing & I just have to shake my head. Here's hoping you get that nap!

dan and cheryl forbes said...

HERE IS A JUMBO HUG FROM YOUR MOM WITH AS MUCH ENERGY AS I CAN MUSTER.....but the nap sounds like it would be pretty nice :)

Hey, can you increase the font on comments? I wanted a BIG JUMBO!!!
your mama

Shelley said...

What a blessing for a child to say "I LOVE YOU" MOM.
It's always good to hear

Kara said...

I can't believe you gave away birthday cake!!! I would hide it in the freezer and pull out a piece when I have a hankering.

TwoMuths said...

Kara, precisely the reason I had to give it away! My "hankering" would be like, every hour. Yeah.