Wednesday, August 19

music to my senses

"Your order has shipped." I got that news in an email today, and it made me so happy. I know I've mentioned this before, but good news is always worth repeating. I love Boca Java's fresh FRESH roasted beans - and this is a company with good customer service, always a plus in my book.

Send me an email if you want a referral code - which will get you $10 off your first order. They are clearancing some of their flavors at Buy One Get One Free, so now's your chance to try some flavored coffee at a great price - or stock up - while you can!


Karen said...

Referral code, please!
Creamsicle IN MY COFFEE????
I'm diggin' it.

marybeth said...

please send me a referral code.. thanks!

Rachel said...

LOVE their coffee.:)