Monday, February 16

Works of God Monday

This weekend, God showed me an area of sin that I'd been needing to realize and deal with for quite some time. I praise HIM for being patient and loving with me!!

I never used to be a sick person. I think it started with my first pregnancy, but it could have been before that. My immune system just isn't what it used to be (I'm working on boosting it, trust me!). I have been SO frustrated about this - it seemed like I'd get healthy and I'd just get ahead with the housework and then I'd get sick again, and suddenly there would be a huge mountain of laundry and I'd be flat on the couch just trying to keep up with taking care of the kids. I was frustrated about this, and about everything else I was unable to do because of this sickness - I had no energy to work out, which means no progress is made on my "getting in shape" goal, I couldn't go to church and I couldn't have play dates for Aaron. I was feeling sorry for myself, too, which always makes you feel more healthy. Ha.

I was MORE than frustrated with this situation, and more than self-pitying. I was angry, and when I followed my line of reasoning to it's origin, I realized that I was angry with GOD because I felt like I deserved to be healthy and be able to take care of my family, and go to church, and have fun.

That is NOT a good place to be. (ALL I really deserve is punishment for my sin!) So this weekend God allowed me to repent of my sin of anger and I know He has forgiven me! This is going to be a battle that I will continue to fight, but I am sure that when I ask for help from God, HE will give it to me!! Praise the Lord for His conviction.

So, what has God been teaching you? How has He provided? How did you watch Him work this week? I would LOVE to hear more of the Works of God!!

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Rachel said...

Thanks Jenny, for you Monday reminder that our God is at work!

Mom and Dad Muth said...

Hi Jenny,

I showed my secretary what you had written, and she said to be sure and tell you, "Thank you for being so truthful and sharing your life so simply in your blogs." She, and me, too, can relate to the things you write. Praise the LORD that HE is so merciful to us.

Love, Mom Muth

life in lewisburg said...

I'm learning thats Gods grace is sufficient for me.
When I was a young mom I was like you no energy with two small children and was sick a lot because I had anemia. I would get frustrated because I desired to have fun with friends at church but didn't have the energy. I found myself listening to Christian radio because we didn't have a TV at the time and reading the Bible a lot.
I found peace in proverbs, and would read chapter 31 over and over and would ask God to give me the strength to be the women in chapter 31. Slowly my mind was changed and little by little my strength came back.
I am healthier now than when I was young.
I learned that I need God and I need his word of encouragement and of faith.
I pray you will find joy where you are at this moment in time it will pass you by before you know it. Love, Shelley

The Barkers said...

Thank you for the reminder! I'm in the same boat with you on my immune system. It changed dramatically after Jonas. Then it got better. So far, things seem a little better since having Ivy. However I have eczema since Jonas and that has flared up some. Glad we could talk today!