Monday, February 9

Works of God Monday

Today is the Thankfulness Edition!

It has been great to have my brother Nate and his wife Lissa visiting from Oregon for the past week and a half. I'm thankful that they are vital & growing Christians and that they have a strong marriage. I'm also thankful that they are a lot of fun! :-) It was great to have them here.

The funeral for the young man in our youth group went very well, and it was evident that God was giving grace and strength to the family. They have more to face than just the death of their son & brother, so we are still praying, waiting to see how God will continue to show Himself strong.

Being at a funeral always causes one to contemplate more on the topic of death, and Michael and I were both saying how blessed we are to still have so many family members as a part of our lives. God is gracious to us.

So do you have just "little" works of God that you have been aware of this week? Do you think "oh, it's not worth an entire post!" Let's praise God together this week - all week long! Please post the things you are thankful to God for, or the things you've been watching Him do this week. We can have an online concert of praise!

In the Mister Linky widget below, simply type your name in the top box, or a short description of the work that God has done, and then in the second box, paste the link from your specific "Works of God Monday" post. Feel free to use the image from the top of this post if you like.


life in lewisburg said...

It's good to praise God continuously.

Michael & Sandra said...

I added the link from my friend, Erica's, blog a few weeks past. She used the "Works of God" artwork that you made for this and I asked her permission to link to your blog.