Thursday, February 19

a new era

Last night we decided to let Aaron help make the pizza. It was a huge success. It was really, really fun for all of us - a great memory! He was so cute as he talked about how he was making "somethin' so, so, yummy"

And then let's talk about Evan. Yesterday he was an immobile infant. Today, he scooted himself around the living room floor like a pro. Here's a video - see for yourself. My tiny boys will soon be asserting their independence in more overt ways, such as taking themselves off to college. AHH! Where does the time go?


Karis said...

Kayla loves to help make pizza too!

And I can't bear to think about my girls going to college (no matter how much you would think otherwise if you had seen my frustration with them yesterday!).

Karen said...

My goodness, a pro indeed!

Aaron clearly enjoyed himself--all the smiles and concentration!

Rachel said...

What cute little boys;). That Evan is something else! He has a big brother to keep up with. Watch out mom, you are going to have lots of fun keeping up with two active guys!

life in lewisburg said...

I love the pizza pictures. I have great memories of our family making pizza, cookies, and later just cooking in the kitchen together.
Evan is crawling oh my! it's happening so quick.
How fun. Soon the boys will be running together.

Rosemary said...

Oh Jenny! You're in trouble now! TWO mobile boys! :)
VERY CUTE video!!
LUCKY LUCKY Jenny and Michael!!!
Enjoy these precious times!
Aunt Rosemary

The Barkers said...

how cute! I don't know what I'm going to do when Ivy becomes mobile!

dan and cheryl forbes said...

Go boy go!!!! Love it! mom & dad