Friday, February 13

hi uncle gary.

Grandma told me you're reading, so I'm on to you!

Here are some pictures for you (and the rest of the family) of the adventures of late at the Muth house.

Most kids like to eat icing, but the spoon that Aaron's licking came from the sour cream bowl. The tower there was built this morning, and the teeth marks in the soap are Aaron's. He really likes to play in the sink with cups, so I let him and will check on him every 2 minutes or so. I walked in one day to see this lying on the sink. Aaron was hilarious when he was trying to get rid of the soap taste. He grabbed his toothbrush and was brushing away when I went to check on him.

We are SICK here. I'm congested, the boys are about over it, and Michael came home early today from work. Happy Friday!! Hope you are healthier at your house than we are at ours!

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Rosemary said...

So this is for Gary!!! Cool! How ya doing, Gary?
Your Aunt Rosemary