Thursday, February 19

the case of the phantom glasses

As a voracious reader - well, at least until I had kids - I have learned that when someone has an amputation, there are times when pain will occur in the missing appendage. This symptom has been dubbed "phantom pain."

Starting last Saturday, I had been wearing my glasses instead of my contacts due to the semi-severity of my congestion and the fact that my eyes were affected. I never wear my glasses. I have the fabulous extended wear contacts and I can wear them for 30 days straight. I love them. I forget I'm wearing them 90% of the time. And yes, I wear them longer. I know, I know. So, yesterday morning I was feeling that it was time for a switch back to contacts. I opened the last new pair of contacts and happily put my glasses in their resting place to wait for the next time I'd need them.

All day long, I was having phantom glasses. Has this ever happened to you? I could FEEL those things sliding down my nose; I would actually reach to push them up!!! I could feel the weight on my nose and the light pressure of the arms behind my ears. It was the strangest thing. I wonder why this happens.

No, SERIOUSLY, I wonder. I've been up for a half an hour trying to type in different ways to ask the search engines, to no avail. I have to make an eye appointment to renew my prescription so I can get another round of lenses. I guess this is something to ask my eye doctor. She will probably laugh at me.

Like you are laughing at me now.


Rachel said...

Yep, laughing. But kind of relating. I was thinking of "sea legs" when we got off our ship to walk around, I could still feel the movement of the boat long after we were on dry ground! If nothing else, it proves we are creatures of habit :) Let us know if you get the answer!

suzanne said...

This is funny. I frequently switch back and forth btw. contacts and glasses. If I've worn my glasses for more than two days and then switch back, I do the very same thing. I am constantly reaching to push up my glasses that aren't there. I am very curious to see if you find anything out about it!

life in lewisburg said...

It dosn't seem wierd to me. I've had stranger things happen. Hope you figure it out.

Janelle said...

You are definitely not alone on this one. I believe that anyone who does the back and forth thing between glasses and contacts (I as well) are guilty of the very same thing! I guess I've always been aware of it when it happens but never really wondered why. That is a very good question though! Like Rachel said, maybe it is just a creature of habit thing. I think that would be an interesting study too!

Anonymous said...

I get the phantom glasses thing, too. In fact, that's how I found your post. For me, it's more of a visual thing. I see the red glasses on my face when I'm not wearing them. I can feel them on, too, sometimes. Do you see them as well? Sometimes, this happens in the middle of the night. I wake up "wearing glasses". So, weird. It happens in the day, too. But, it's pretty much stopped nowLet us know if you find out what it is!-Tara ;-)

Unknown said...