Tuesday, February 24

up on my soap box, once again

My friend Sarah sent me these links today - one to an article, and another to a video. In the article, I found a link to ICAN (International Cesarean Awareness Network). When I visited the site, I found this statement, which pretty much sums up the facts:

“The choice between VBAC and elective repeat cesareans isn’t between risk versus no risk. It’s a choice between which set of risks you want to take on.”

The video is a photo slide show with written commentary of a woman who had a successful VBA3C at home. I am so excited for her.

I know VBAC is not for every person (especially if you haven't had a c-section to begin with) but it IS a wonderful option. And home birth after cesarean is not a stupid or uninformed choice. It is not a crazy choice. It IS a great way to avoid medical interventions that are standard protocol at the hospital. And any decision made about birth should be a decision based in prayer.

If you're thinking about VBAC, you should be informed. This article is one I've linked before, but it is a wonderful, fabulous, fantastic read. I love it. ICAN is another great resource, at least, from what I've seen today.

Tomorrow, I will post some of the reasons we felt drawn to home birth, and some of the reasons it freaked me out. I haven't shared most of this before, so bear with me. It was going to be today, but it was long, too long to share in one day. Plus, I need to warn the men - it might be a little too much info. You might want to skip tomorrow.

BTW, I would love to talk to you if you are facing a pregnancy after a c-section and have questions.


Shannon said...

Love it! I'll be passing on the links to some friends who are facing the same decisions.
Just informing parents that they DO have options with the birth of their children is huge. Yay for spreading the word!

And as a momma about ready to have a home birth... I'm quite looking forward to your next post.

The Barkers said...

BTW, did you know it is illegal in Nevada to have a VBAC in a hospital or at home?!?!? How crazy is that? Someone actually took time to lobby and make it a law?? My friend lived there for a short period of time. She had a friend who labored at home then went to the hospital. They were going to try to do the c-section and she fought it. I think she was already pushing or something. She ended up with a vaginal birth but they still charged her for a c-section. I would say money is definitely a factor in our nations hight rate of c-secions!

TwoMuths said...

OH MY WORD, Sarah! I guess I know where I won't be going. That is INSANITY. And yes, the dollar speaks, and loudly.

TwoMuths said...


The Barkers said...

Thanks Jenny for posting the link. I passed it on to my friend. I wonder what the story is with that hosp in NV. Maybe they just wanted to "end the story" and shut the lady up, and they STILL charged her for a c-section?? Something sounds a little corrupt and they probably know most women aren't going to question or fight it. Sadly some wouldn't.