Saturday, February 14

and the winnah is...

Remember when I had y'all send in your tuna recipes? I purposely did not remind you a third time because I got SO many recipes to try, and well, we can only handle so much tuna. Alicia sent me this one, and in our book, it's the best. Seriously, I've made it TWICE and it is fabuloso! Even Aaron scarfed them down. I feel that I must tell you that I did leave out the relish, and I found we liked it even better with sharp cheddar. Alicia will receive some handmade soap (what a fitting prize for one who fixes tuna) and possibly some other surprise goodies!

Thanks to all who participated, and maybe we will have to do it again some time. Maybe I should offer a prize to the person who makes and sends me the most delicious brownies. I would love that. But I would get fat. Er, fatter.

And speaking of things that (without moderation) make you fat, Karen and Carrie both get coupons for Peanut Butter Girardelli squares, so if you could email me your addresses, that would make life so easy for me.

Happy day of Hallmark Love! Hug your sweetie twice today (at least)


Karen said...

Woohoo! I'm the only Karen in the running, right?
Chocolate makes me fat(ter), with or without moderation. Send that coupon to me!

1960 Burns St
Ypsi, MI 48197

life in lewisburg said...

Happy Valentines Day
Love, Eric and Shelley

Alicia said...

YAY! I'm so excited that I won! I KNEW that recipe would win you over.

And by the way, I have the world's BEST brownie recipe. Gooey chocolatey brownies not cakey ones. I won't promise to make it for you but I can email it to you.

Way to make my Valentine's Day! I love winning. :) And I'm ecstatic that you and your familia are enjoying eating tuna. Those omega-3's are good stuff.