Friday, October 5

the week

This week, I've been a "lady of leisure" as my job was put on hold. Not enough projects to keep us all busy. It was great - although I'm sure we will miss the income, and I really didn't do too much "leisure-ing," I did get a lot done.

Monday we had some friends over - they have a daughter about 2 months older than Aaron, and they played together much better than any of us expected. A few sharing issues with "Pooh's Dress up Day" but other than that, it was adorable watching them play. We even had an impromptu concert. These kids have Got It, let me tell you.

Tuesday was interesting. I'm still in my "try a new recipe" kick, and we had chicken spaghetti, modified from a recipe I've had forever and one at this site. Don't ask me how I found it. When I get sucked into the vortex of blogs, home improvement and cooking websites, it all gets a little blurry.

Wednesday was church. I made pizza pockets with a bread machine dough recipe I gleaned from a friend. I tried substituting whole wheat flour for 1/2 the bread flour, and it worked out very well. I just have to figure out how to get them not to be so thick and bready on the bottom after I seal them and flip them over. Any suggestions?

Thursday was grocery and errand day. I scored some fabulous deals at Meijer - 10 avocados for $2 on the reduced produce rack, bananas for 29 cents a pound, and kiwi at 25 cents each. We took a little trip to see Michael, who was working in Midland this week, then I came home and made quiche and cinnamon rolls and guacamole. Aaron only took one nap, and -

What, you don't think quiche, cinnamon rolls and guac go together? What are you, crazy? I didn't plan it that way,'s the deal - for some reason, we have a LOT of eggs right now. I am not really sure how that happened. Michael's not a big fan of quiche, (I think I've made it all of 4 times in our 3 plus years of marriage) but it is probably one of my top 10 favorite foods. I really didn't want the eggs to go bad, so TA DA a great excuse! I planned quiche. And then I found those avocados - and I had to use them. After all, they WERE on the reduced produce rack for a REASON. And no, I didn't make all 10 avocados into guac. I gave some to my parents, and there are a few left here.

Today has been a whirlwind of laundry and dishes. And it's weeks like this that I wonder if I really WOULD get that much more done if I didn't work.

And for all you family members interested on Aaron's progress: He is talking a L.O.T. He's just 14 months, and has probably 20-25 words that he uses frequently, along with the typical baby babble and accompanying facial expressions. We still work with him on sign language (a little) but he's much more verbally advanced than I ever expected at this age. This is good - it helps me be more confident that he is understanding MUCH more than he can communicate.

He's not a shrimp anymore, either. I think he's probably close to 22-23 pounds, and eats like a...BOY. There are days he can out eat me. I'm not exaggerating.

And, I still haven't gotten my hair cut. Right, I asked you guys in May for your opinions. And in the 5 months since I asked, it's gotten quite loooong. I finally settled on a style, and am getting it cut next week, hopefully. I will be sure to post before and after pictures.

This weekend I am going to be a roofing widow. Michael will be gone all day, helping a friend re roof the house. We're so thankful for the help on our roof that he's glad to help another family get the job done. I think a trip with my mom to a semi-distant town to visit Aldi will be a good way to break up the day.

Have a happy weekend!

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Rachel said...

Hi Jenny,

I have only ever made pizza, calzones and stromboli. I've never made pizza pockets before but they sound similar. For my calzones and pizza, I love my pizza stone preheated to 500 degrees etc.. It makes the outside of the dough crisp and delightful:). I do not put the sauce in the calzones though. Instead, we like to dip them into the homemade pizza sauce. With the stromboli, I bake it on my cookie sheet at 375 degrees but I make sure to roll out the dough so that it is rather thin. There again, we dip it in the sauce after it's baked to avoid sogginess.

We LOVE pizza, calzones and stromboli and I have learned through trial and error how to make each of these really well. I'm not trying to come across like a know-it-all but pizza (and its cousins) from scratch is one of my passions and I have worked for years to get it "just so".

Having never made the pockets before, I am not sure if these tips will be helpful or not. Just my two cents:). BTW - congrats on all your great deals! Send some quiche down to TN, okay? :)