Saturday, October 6

try it for practically nothing

Don't know if any of you have ever tried Silk, but I got a sample of the chocolate flavor in a recent "goody bag" from Curves. It's creamy and delicious. And today, I found this printable coupon offer for $2.25 off Silk. This week at Meijer, Silk is on sale for $2.50. I already bought some with another coupon, but this deal is good enough that I think I'll be getting some more. You can't beat a 25 cents!


Karen said...

Hooray! I got that same little goody bag, and I loved Silk! My coupon is printing right now! THANKS!

dan and cheryl forbes said...

I tried it too--and it tastes like skimmed chocolate milk (I got the chocolate kind as you suggested on the phone). But I sure would not pay the normal price of $3.09 for it! Dad