Friday, October 12

it's Friday

I'm goin' on a date with the world's hottest hottie tonight! It sure is fun to date your spouse. All the fun, none of the weirdness of pre-marriage dating. (not that I did much of that) And thanks to mom & dad, we get free babysitting! I lined up the sitter, and Michael's planning the date this time.

In the past, we've gotten free birthday Coldstone, run errands (everything's more fun together) and we've used gift cards that we have for restaurant dates. We usually share an entree (more than enough food for 2, usually) and order water to drink to save $. We've also done our share of coffee shop dates.

So, what's your favorite thing to do for a frugal date? I need some new ideas!!


Luther's Stein said...

Tim and I like to go to art or history museums, the park (to take a nice walk or catch a free concert), or the zoo. many times for teachers and students we get discounts !

Luther's Stein said...

That last comment was me
(julie :o)

Rachel said...

A date - what is that? ha, ha We haven't been on one since we moved to Knoxville. I suppose that I could entrust Michael to someone besides my parents as they are still in VT. We have had many offers to take Michael for a few hours, we just don't know anyone well enough quite yet. Maybe the next time that family comes to town, we can try to get out.

I hope that you guys had a super time! I'll have to think about inexpensive date ideas and get back to you.

Karis said...

We like to go to Barnes and Noble where we have the option of getting something to drink and talking like you mentioned or each picking out a "for fun" book and relaxing that way.

ruth said...

John and I like to go shopping at Toys R Us. Also, we have gone to local parks for a picnic and some roller blading or basketball.

But we don't have to worry about getting a babysitter at this point. :)