Thursday, October 25

no nap Thursday

Obviously, I'm all done with dating, at least for the purpose of finding a spouse, but I came across this series a few weeks ago that I find slightly, um, well, interesting. (Sorry - my vocabulary is challenged today. Aaron has not taken any naps. Must. Give. Tranquilizers. KIDDING!!) This is not the "interesting" that sways either negatively or positively depending on the tone. It is simply interesting, with no overtone of good or evil, in a thought provoking way. Not at all in the way that this no-nap Thursday has been "interesting."

Anyway, I started at the beginning, read through the series, and am still mulling it over... any thoughts you'd like to share?


Katie said...

The only thought I'd like to share, is that one day in the probably not-so-distant future, you won't be kidding about the tranquilizers.


Rosemary at Rose Tree Threadworks said...

An energetic, inquisitive, too-busy-to-sleep little boy...what a blessing! ENJOY!
As a young mom of two, ages 3 & 5, and LARGELY pregnant with my third, I was struggling to keep my composure in the check-out line at the grocery story. A well-dressed, elderly gentleman in line in front of us, turned to me, smiled and said, "You know, you have the MOST important job in the world!". I never forgot that and it encouraged me more times that I can count. I hope that it encourages you too, Jenny. "You know, you have the MOST important job in the world!".
Aunt Rosemary