Monday, October 22

gardening with kids

One of the participants in my Pantry Clean-Out Challenge is my great aunt Rosemary, who highly recommends gardening with kids - something I look forward to! She sent me these cute stories, and I wanted to share them with you!

When my granddaughter Amanda was about 2 and had just learned some of her colors, we were planting the garden. I was planting the corn seed and she was toddling along behind repeating 'yellow...yellow...yellow'. I kept putting the seed in the row and saying, 'yes, the corn is yellow'. At the end of the row, I turn to see her little hand held up - full of 'yellow' (the corn seeds that I had just planted!) and her proud, smiling little face saying 'yellow...yellow...'

Better keep an eye on your "helpers" this spring!!

Our grandson Alex has a few speech challenges - maybe it is it more 'hearing challenges'. You be the judge... His grandpa was working up the garden with the rototiller one spring when Alex was 6. It was a really nice day, but for some reason, Alex really wanted to stay in the house. He was sitting on the floor playing with his Lego and asked, 'Grandma, what are rotos?' I did my best to explained, 'I don't know, I guess a roto is something that goes rotates.' Frustrated with my answer, Alex said, 'No, what ARE rotos? What IS IT that Grandpa is killing out there with the ROTOKILLER?' So now when it it time to work up the garden in the spring, we say, 'I am going out to kill the Rotos'.

Don't forget to clean out your pantry this week, and
feel free to share YOUR funny kid stories, too!


Life in Lewisburg said...

I love children stories,
When carmen was a toddler playing in the backyard in just her diaper. She discovered the joy of a good cherry tomato. One by one she would put them in her mouth and bite down on them as they oozed all over her face and belly. She enjoyed it so much she would stand there till she could eat no more.

Alicia said...

Heart-warming stories! And your great aunt Rosemary has a lovely way of writing them down. I just started an anecdotal journal for all of Chloe's cute verbal moments. :) Wish I could join the pantry challenge but ours is always pretty bare. I buy the pantry items I need for the week and don't usually have much left over. Let us know what interesting new recipes you use this week!