Thursday, September 30

Cute Little Cuteness

I love Etsy. LOVE it. This week I bought some salted caramel samples (made from grass-fed, organic ingredients, be still my taste buds) and a gift for a friend expecting a girl.

You've checked out Shyla's Brown Eyed Girlies shop, right? Just so happens I was over there last week to buy my friend's gift, and then again today (bought some covered hairpins for myself) and Shyla has a ton of new fun things. It's *almost* enough to make me wish I had a little girl, but I'm happy enough to have a niece to buy cute little things for! me a favor and go check this shop out, ok? If you feel that you need to purchase something, Shyla's got a deal going just for my readers - FREE SHIPPING! Woo hoo! :-) Just put "MUTH" in the message to seller and wait for the corrected invoice before you pay. What a deal, right??

As an added bonus, you'll be helping Shyla save up for her kitchen remodel, and you'll be helping me earn a discount on my next order - win/win for everyone!!

What are you still here for?? Go see the goods!!

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Shelley said...

It's a win win