Wednesday, September 22

a wink, a grin, and a thumbs up

Today I was driving down the road and saw a perfectly good (although a tad soggy from last night's rainstorm) pallet sitting there on the side of the road waiting for big trash pickup. NORMALLY it wouldn't even cross my radar, but since a friend introduced me to Ana White and her fantastic projects, pallets have new value and worth.

The pallet I got will have to dry out in the garage for awhile, so no project for me for awhile (whew! I can decide what to make!) but the real story was in what happened while I was loading it.

I was in traffic, so I put on my emergency flashers and opened the van hatch. An older lady (probably in her 70's) was hesitant to pull around me so she waited while other cars went whizzing by. I felt pretty bad, so I was hurrying. I grabbed that pallet and stuck it in the back of the van and turned to wave at her in thanks. She grinned, winked, and gave me a thumbs up. I imagined that she was happy that I was saving something that was worth saving - who knows if that was what she was thinking or not.

Either way, it totally made my day.


Shelley said...

We use pallets at work all the time for loading containers in and out of trucks.
The brick yards around here charge you for them, if you bring them back you get your money back.
A neighbor down the road made the cutest flower stand out of two pallets and painted them red. Cleaver really.
If your handy at all a pallet is fun thing to use.
I use pallets around the yard to keep things off the muddy yard in the winter.
Good going Jenny.

Alicia said...

Nice! That Ana White site is incredible! I am clueless with tools but this would be great place for ideas I can plant into my husband's head. :)

Mary Ann said...

Way to go, Jenny! And I'm sure the older lady was proud - a young person acting like a wise, frugal person of her generation :-) Recently one of my coworkers got a new riding mower (he bought it online). When it was delivered it was in a big crate thing. He brought it to our dumpster here at work. Mike & I salvaged it & Mike made two cornhole frames from the wood. Yeehaw! It's great to keep something from going to waste.