Monday, September 13


I thought I'd update on the house refinance situation. Hoping this week for an appraisal (or maybe early next week?) but all looks well on the refinancing front! We've been pre-approved pending our appraisal.

Michael and I went to the bank last week to talk to the loan officer, and it looks like we will be paying 2.2% less on our mortgage, plus losing our PMI, plus getting a new kitchen complete with new energy efficient appliances all for the same monthly payment - now, granted, we will OWE more, but our monthly costs are projected to stay the same and (hopefully) go down! I was just looking at our energy bill today and wondering how much of a difference energy efficient appliances will make.

I'm so humbled that God has led us along - we are so blessed. And when I think of how far our little house has come? WHOA. It was so sad when we bought it - and I can look around and remember how HE provided many of the materials that we've used to renovate, some from generous friends, other from jobs that Michael has been able to salvage materials from. HE has provided funds, HE has helped us to be patient in waiting for His timing. And in the past month, we've even been able to spruce up things and decorate! I am honestly moved to tears at His incredible gifts, and I couldn't wait to share with you.

I'll be uploading some way, way before pictures to Facebook soon along with the "after" pictures, but you can get an idea from this long-ago-posted slide show. I smile when I see what the "currently" in the slides looks like - four years ago! I will probably wait to do that FB album as we have a very busy week this week! Please pray for our youth group - having a special evangelistic emphasis week - pray that God would see fit to use us and the teens to reach out to others and to consider and reconsider what God's plan is for us.

BSF also starts this week - I'm so SO excited! And I have about 1/2 bushel of tomatoes and a dozen green bell peppers sitting on my dining room table waiting for me - and windows calling my name to be washed, and floors, and preparations for this week....WHEW! I've typed too long already!!

What are YOUR blessings this week?

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Mary Ann said...

Thanks for sharing your praises. Even though it takes time away from the chores, it's so worth it to have a written record of what the Lord has done.
Blessings here are too many to list but I will mention that the Lord has been faithful to give daily strength (I ran in an insane race this weekend - a half marathon; the Lord helped every step of the way!) & healing of Mike's injured hand. He will be back to work later this week. While our income has been reduced we haven't wanted for a single thing. God is so good!
Have a great Tuesday!