Friday, September 3


So yesterday, our youngest had his poop escapade. Hopefully that is enough for him for LIFE. Somehow he ended up out of his crib, surrounded by blankets and poop and a very clean dry diaper. I'm not sure if he climbed out, disrobed, fell asleep, and woke up dirty, or if he woke up, climbed out, disrobed, and relieved himself. I kinda think it was the first situation, which only makes it slightly better.

Either way, we ended up calling a friend of ours from church who cleans carpets for a suggestion on how to neutralize the problem, and he ended up cleaning the carpet for us in both boys rooms. He is a total lifesaver. Well, sanity-smell-cleanliness-home appraisal saver. It was time for a cleaning regardless - off white carpet and 2 small boys do not a clean carpet make, and it has been in for at least 2 years. And the carpet was used when we put it in.

Thankfully for YOU, I didn't get before shots. But the after?? WOW. Isn't it nice???


Shelley said...

Looks like a new carpet.
I guess it needed cleaning anyway.
I'm like you I don't clean it until I have too.

A clean carpet just makes you feel better.

Stephens said...