Wednesday, August 25

everything's great

Everything's fabulous, and I'm going crazy! (Or at least this silly picture makes me look kinda deranged. That's so you laugh.)

This summer, it seems, I've taken time off from blogging. I am hoping that as fall begins, I will get back to it, but there are no guarantees, for sure.

We have been VERY busy this summer, and we haven't gone anywhere since April. I don't know why I always look forward to summer thinking it will be a nice, uneventful time. It's not uneventful. It is nice.

Most of the summer has been spent
*playing outside when the humidity is low(ish) and enjoying my boys.
*trying to get the house ready for the big re-fi
*decorating said house, same reason
*CSA pickups and raw dairy education
*generally losing my mind
*church activities
*missing friends
*mowing the grass and picking tomatoes from the garden
*laughing with friends
*trying to keep 2 busy boys busy in a constructive way
*endeavoring to keep up with friends
*being thankful
*reading Crazy Love
*taking pictures
*taking more pictures
*eating fresh fruit & veggies
*adventuring with my preschoolers
*postponing Evan's birthday
*washing the dishes
*getting great chiropractic care for an even better price
*visiting splash parks
*thinking and rethinking my thoughts about faith, theology, traditions, Relationship
*being overwhelmed by God
*falling more in love with Michael
*skype - dad in China, the Oregonian Forbes'
*sweeping the floors
*losing sleep
*saying "yes" to my kids more
*taking deep breaths
*pondering further education
*being inspired to create (like this, and even a little bit here)
*trying to make naturally fermented pickles, and failing
*baking gluten free snacks
*paying bills, lots of bills
*eating cilantro-lime rice
*saying no
*being content
*being too content
*being frustrated
*trying to relax
(in that order)
*picking blueberries
*thinking about canning salsa
*doing the laundry
*"and et cetera"

Well, you get the picture...and this list, while exhausTING is by no means exhaustive. In the next few months we will be starting a few new things - BSF, hopefully - and homeschooling a little K-4 student, who I'm sure will teach himself to read, given the opportunity. The timer will indeed be our friend.

God is giving, has given, and will continue to give us grace. I'm learning, slowly but deeply, more of Him. I'm truly overwhelmed by His goodness! I hope every one of you who still check in on occasion despite my summer silence will ponder YOUR walk with God and ask yourself when last you were truly overwhelmed with God. I want you all to feel HIM, to taste and see that HE is good. Very, very good.


Stephens said...

Loved reading through your list. Glad that phone calls to/with me are included! :-) Love and miss you tons and praying for you guys!

Mary Ann said...

That is a great list & don't worry, I by no means thought you were sitting in the a/c with your feet up & a plate of bonbons in your hand :-) Summer is a truly wonderful time but those lazy hazy days are not part of my reality either! Here's to fall & all the wonderful busyness & lessons it will bring!

TwoMuths said...

Mary Ann, an hour like that would be a dream come true! :-) Especially the part about sitting. Bon Bons optional!! :-)

Andrea - definitely! And right back at you!

Tim and Richelle said...

lazy days are boring... just think what a wonderful adventure you are living. sounds like a fabulous summer! and as always... enjoy every post when you get a moment to do so. give those sweet boys a hug!

Stephens said...

I see the pic you added. LOL! You are crazy. :-)