Tuesday, August 10

and the winnah is...

Thanks to random.org, the winner is...


Congratulations, Karen, and thanks to everyone who wished me a happy day and shared such funny, funny stories. Here's Karen's, in case you missed it.

For my 13th birthday, my parents let me have a sleepover. In my excitement (I'd never had one before.), I had a totally blonde moment when the cake came out.

It was lovely--a 13x9 with cream frosting and decorated with a lovely semi-circle fan on it. Embarrassed for the baker, I sheepishly informed her that... "It's spelled wrong!"

It read, "FANally a teenager!"

Ah, adolescence. I had several of those moments, and sadly, the worst was in college. I am still too embarrassed to share THAT moment. Oh, boy.

I did have a fantastic birthday, with a fun chiropractor/dinner/shopping date with my honey and lots of love and hugs from my family. I am very, very blessed to celebrate another year.

Karen wins...
*A $5 gift card to....Baskin Robbins 31 Flavors!
*a 3-pack of Pampered Chef Paring Knives!
*a coupon for a 31% discount on any one Pampered Chef product! (coupon is only good with me), if she should choose to use it

As a sort-of consolation prize, I'd be very happy to send a recipe card to whomever requests one - just email me your address and I'll send you a surprise recipe from Pampered Chef. I will also be happy to offer 10% off your order and free shipping to anyone (in the US) who commented on the birthday post, and who orders before August 15th. It's no birthday surprise package, but if you were already thinking about ordering something, it might be a little bonus for you. (just email your order to me directly and let me know if you need a catalog or a link to shop online)

Thanks again for sharing the love on my birthday. (oh, and Alicia - here's the reprise - the corrected version, thanks to you - I've been singing it wrong for years!) Ah, ah, ah, ah, stayin' alive, stayin' alive!


Shelley said...

Glad you had a lovely birthday

Karen said...

Awesome! I neeeed some decent knives. And I'm excited to go PC shopping! Thank you!