Monday, September 27

Happy Fall Giveaway!

There are few things that give me enjoyment like a really delicious hot beverage. Especially this time of year, I'm really, really happy to drink a warm, comforting beverage. Hot tea, cider, coffee, chai, cocoa - it's all fair game to me!

Have you tried a salted caramel hot cocoa, ever? *bucks is my friend on this one. Hot cocoa, with whipped cream on top, caramel drizzle, and the best part - sea salt & raw sugar garnish. Oh, salty-sweet goodness. I have had a grand total of TWO short soy versions this fall thus far. I try to limit it to shorts due to the soy content plus, you know, it's a treat. It doesn't have to be a venti treat. :-) I suppose I could take my own raw milk for *bucks to use in the drink, but that seems to be a lot of trouble. Maybe if I visited every day. But my wallet will not allow that luxury. Nor would it be a prudent use of wallet contents, even if it DID allow.

And then of course there is a double-tall soy pumpkin spice latte, which I drank this morning. Good thing, too - I needed that extra shot of expresso to get me through the fateful trip to Dollar General for some fabric softener. DISASTER!

But I digress. This past April, I registered a *bucks gift card online. If you haven't checked out the pretty sweet rewards program, you definitely need to. I benefit from free soy milk for those occasional stops - usually it costs 50 extra cents, so it is worth it just for that - but there are other benefits too! Free drink on your birthday, and free drink every time you buy 15, etc. SOOO, I want to share!

I just got my free drink postcard in the mail and want to pass it on to one of you - all you have to do is comment on this post and let me know what you would order if you could get anything from *bucks, and what your favorite thing about fall is.

I'll go ahead and pick a winner on Friday. Unfortunately, the coupon is only valid at US stores, but it doesn't expire until December 14th, so if you will be able to use this by then and you're not in the US, feel free to enter!


meeyeehere said...

I love peppermint lattes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!My favorite thing about fall is all the sweet desserts that have pumpkin in them. I love the stuff!Thanks so much!

Stephens said...

Oh my. . .do we have to pick a favorite? :-) Well, I do love those pumpkin spice lattes at this time of year, but I love the peppermint mochas in the "winter" (don't really have winter in SoCal ha ha). You got me loving the iced coffee with cinnamon dolce for a hot day. Anyway, wish I could spend a Fall day with you! I miss the beautiful MI colors and cool, crisp temps.

Tiff said...

Been really into green tea lattes... Sound weird but it's great.

Favorite things about fall: smell of the leaves, fewer hot flashes, and big comfy sweaters to cover last winters remaining weight :)

The Barkers said...

I'm so with you on the Salted Caramel hot cocoa...they can also do a salted caramel case you didn't know. I LOVE sweet and salty! My favorite thing about Fall are the MI memories I have. I will never forget the MI Falls. I miss them so!

Abby said...

Favorite is the Decaf Pumpkin Spice Latte's (I only drink Decaf - what's the point, right?! lol)

I LOVE fall. It's my favorite season - I miss the colors of a New England fall. I'm already getting pumpkin stockpiled in our house - it's the best!!!

Mary Ann said...

I haven't been to *bucks in ages...but if I went this morning I would get a pumpkin spice latte. Love.Them. And I agree with you, there is a particular pleasure derived from a warm steamy mug in your hands to slowly sip from.
My favorite thing about fall is all of the fun festivals & the wonderful apples & pumpkin treats. I love bonfires & hot dog roasts & apple cider & hay rides & the changing leaves.
I got a little carried away...
Thanks for the fun giveaway!

Erin A. said...

I'd probably try your Salted Caramel hot cocoa, but I LOVE their Hot Spiced Cider too! But what isn't good there? LOL

marybeth said...

carmamel frappacinno's or java chip frapp.. that's my favorite, and what i always get.. whether hot or cold out :)

favorite thing about fall--the changing leaves

Anonymous said...

My favorite Fall Drink at Starbucks is the Pumpkin Spice Latte! However, since my van is out of commission, I have been making my own her at home. They are not too bad! :) My favorite Fall drink ever though, Hot Spiced Cider!!!!

What I love most about Fall is the sunny, yet crisp/cool days! And the chilly evenings which make for FABULOUS bonfires! :) Bonfires of course lead to S'MORES!! Yummy!
~Rebekah Shaver~

Anonymous said...

So, that was supposed to say HERE at home! :} Guess that is what happens when you try to type with a little one next to you!
~Rebekah Shaver~

Tricia said...

I love carmel frappacinos and about everything else on the menu at Starbucks! My favorite thing about fall is switching the clothes out...I know, I'm weird.