Wednesday, May 5

Right, so it's Wednesday now...

And I still haven't posted for Works of God Monday! God has definitely been working on me this week - my attitude has needed some serious adjusting! The stomach bug hit me hard in the wee hours of Monday and I was pretty much down for the count all day - sleeping almost an entire day. Yesterday was challenging for other reasons, but I think I have emerged from the fog and now I'm trying to catch up and do our normal, crazy, Wednesday stuff. We'll skip this week, officially, but feel free to leave a comment on this post if you have a blessing you would like to share from last week!!

Happy Wednesday, everyone!

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Mary Ann said...

So, so sorry to hear about your illness! I am glad you are feeling better now. The days after being sick are all about catching up, aren't they? A blessing I can share is the reminder that the Lord has been at work in the circumstances of my life & quietness & confidence in Him is where my strength will be found. It's amazing how I STILL think I need to be in charge or be defending myself when the Lord has it all under control.
Happy Wednesday to you, too!