Friday, May 7

keeping busy

Here's Evan, noshing on black beans, his fave. I think he looks a little bit vigilante here, with is bandanna bib and his "5 o'clock shadow" of bean juice.

Of course, the smile makes him totally disarming.

He would make one horribly happy vigilante.

My newest way to keep Aaron busy.

Construction paper.



Voila! "Painting"

That is his FAVORITE outfit. It's one serious task to get it off and into the washing machine.


Shelley said...

I had beans for breakfast my favorite too. It's funny how kids and even adults have a favorite outfit. I had the same problem with our girls. It seem like you had to wash them at night when they were asleep in their pj's. It's almost like MONK behavior you need many of the same outfit.

TwoMuths said...

Shelley - it's very much Monk-like behavior!! Last summer it was a tie-dyed t-shirt, so I suppose I should be happy about this one, which looks much nicer. :-)

Kara said...

Oh Evan and Anna would have such fun together! She is my bean lover, but especially refried beans. With sour cream. :)

Alicia said...

Your happy vigilante is adorable! SO awesome that he likes beans so much. And great idea with the paint and construction paper.

Tim & Sarah Valiante said...
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Tim and Sarah Valiante said...

I love this way of painting! We've been doing quite a bit of it while Mommy paints with real paint on the wall. Another one is playing outside with a bowl of water and painting the deck and walls of the house. Keeps them busy for hours (or at least it seems to).