Wednesday, May 5

Never too young

Look at that happy kid,




Mom and Dad Muth said...

It is so wonderful that Even is such a happy-go-lucky young'n. It's also so very nice that he wants to "help" you! Keep on encouraging him.

We love all of you very much.

Mom (Grandma) Muth

Shelley said...

A happy helper thats awesome

dan and cheryl forbes said...

Kiss that boy :) Good job, Evan!

Mary Ann said...

My m-i-l tells a story about her oldest brother. When he was about 3 he would cry b/c his momma wouldn't let him mop the floor. One day she decided to let him. He did a really good job & that was his chore until he was old enough to leave home. What a lovely thing, to have a servant's heart & a spirit of industriousness. Way to go, Evan!