Thursday, May 13


Our kiddos are a constant source of laughter. Aaron's been saying some pretty cute things lately - I needed to write them down. Here is one I can remember - "I don't want my hair made" (I can't bear to correct that one - he is saying he doesn't want me to do his hair, it's so stinkin' cute.)

Today, while cleaning, I found a bowl of almond milk in the pantry next to an open box of almond milk. I asked Aaron to come talk to me about it, and he was immediately remorseful. I need to figure out how to help him understand that his actions and words cause problems. A simple "Sorry for doing that" just doesn't cut it - it's not as big of a deal today with the almond milk as it was yesterday when he tipped Evan's high chair over - with Evan in it!

Evan is teething. Again. I feel so bad for his poor little self. SO thankful for store brand ibuprofen that is not included in the recall.

And one more thing - I am so grossed out by the rubber ducky bath toy that, after almost 3 years in our bath toy basket, decided to suddenly grow disgusting mold on the inside. He's now a resident of the trash can, and probably will not be replaced. EW. Not worth bleaching, in my opinion. You can never get all the water out of him anyway. Why do they make those with holes in the bottom???


Beth said...

SERIOUSLY!!! why do those bath toys have holes in the bottom? they do get disgusting.

You're right, that is pretty cute about "not getting his hair made"! love it

Kara said...

The hole. It's so stupid.