Saturday, May 22


SO a couple weeks ago, I was sitting in the mall at a Pampered Chef booth, and business was sloooooow, so I began doing the only thing available to me to do - watch people. This can be very fun, and I wrote down a few observations. I found that paper today.

1. Some people are so skinny that it is literally hard to imagine all of their organs actually fitting into their bodies.

2. I hope electric scooters have seat belts. There was one guy I saw several times, cruising at breakneck speed.

3. I don't like skinny jeans, but they are worse on boys. Even worse than skinny jeans on a boy is when he decides to sag them, pants-on-the-ground style. EW, ew, ew.


Momma Rae and the Deputy said...


Kelly Glupker said...

Skinny jeans are DISGUSTING . . . no matter how skinny you are. I think I might make this my new facebook status. :) Thanks for the reminder.