Monday, June 22

Works of God Monday

Yikes, only one post since last Monday! GOD is at WORK and we've been busy watching Him! This past weekend we had a garage sale. I was praying that we'd clear $200 and sell some specific items, and we did! Praise the LORD for giving us great weather. Thursday, I'd checked the weather report and it predicted rain and thunderstorms, 100%. It was fun to watch the forecast change to cloudy-no rain until noon, and then until 2, and then until 6, etc. The same thing happened on Saturday. It rained until about 8, and then the weather cleared and was clear until 9pm! I know God's hand is over all the weather, and I am especially grateful for His working in the weather this weekend in a way that kept us guessing!

Saturday night, God provided a free pizza party for us via Dominos and this site. We had a delicious taste testing gathering, complete with 6 free pizzas. YUM!

I can't share many details, but we've been thrilled to watch God at work in hearts here at our church. One family in particular has been a real blessing to us as they continue to face trials and remain strong in their faith. We are so priviledged to watch and be a part of God's work.

I'm also thankful for God's Word! Michael has been going through basic Bible doctrines in Sunday School, and this week, taught the junior highers about the Atonement. Helping to type up his outline was a huge encouragement to me - Christ took the punishment for our sins, bore God the Father's full wrath in our place, and I am so grateful. Here is a portion of the book we're using that made me cry:

As Jesus bore the guilt of our sins, God unleashed all wrath and punishment for all sins upon his own Son. Jesus became the object of the intense hatred of sin and vengeance against sin that God had patiently stored up since the beginning of the world. Christ necessarily and willingly bore the full punishment for our sin on the cross. And so through his death, God's justice was met.

What a Savior! What a sacrifice! I am overwhelmed with His Love.

So, what has God been teaching you? How has He provided for you this week? How have you seen Him working in others? I'd love to hear, and so would the others who read!

"Therefore encourage one another and build one another up..." 1 Thess. 5:11

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Shelley said...

Glad your garage sale went well and things are going well at church.