Wednesday, June 3

new creations

Today I clinging to God's grace. It sure feels like a "bad mommy" day - at least where my toddler is concerned! God is helping me to pray for my children, that God will convict of sin, that He will make them new creations. There is nothing that I can do to change their hearts. I pray that I will explain God's word in a way that helps them to understand the greatness of God, His grace, His mercy.

And God is gracious to me, too. I have a smiley boy to counterbalance the grumpy one today.

I saw my children be born (well, one of them, anyway) and I want nothing more than to see them reborn. I'm feeling an urgency to share God's Word with them, which I praise God for.

In unrelated news - I've just listed a tote bag and a laundry sack in the shop!

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Alicia said...

Had a hard day with our oldest today too. It's so sad and sickening to see her sin express itself in such utter selfishness. Thanks for the challenge to pray for our kids' souls. I often feel like I just need to explain biblical principles better and that will make them conform to Christ's image. Not so! God's in charge of their hearts -- hope He transforms them soon!

Hang in there. Hope tomorrow is a better day for you guys!