Tuesday, June 23

"quality" workmanship

A few weeks ago, I was driving down one of the main roads in our town when I noticed something strange. The Toyota in front of me was missing a good portion of it's plastic looking bumper. Can you guess what was behind it? Between the metal frame and the plastic bumper was a molded piece of styrofoam.

Oh, right, that's what we pay over 10,000 to buy new. Plastic and styrofoam. I guess it might contribute to higher gas mileage due to a lighter vehicle?


dan and cheryl forbes said...

1--is light weight, as you mentioned
2--is a pretty good shock absorber (notice egg cartons)
3--keeps money rolling into your town, as that is where it was invented
4--check the crash tests on various vehicles: I think you will find that plastic & stryofoam performs pretty good.

Rosemary said...

Good points - dan and cheryl forbes. It is apparently also pretty cheap to replace. One Eb@y listing for an OEM replacement part is only $12.00 or best offer!

Tracy said...

I remember senior year of high school when I ran into a boat (don't ask). The prop ripped open my bumper and I was shocked to find it was styrofoam. Made me feel real safe driving a plastic car with styrofoam bumpers.