Friday, June 26

funny how that happens

Friday comes every week without fail, but I never fail to be excited about it. FAMILY TIME is COMING! is the first thought in my mind (once I come out of the fog that is the first 20 minutes of my morning). I love hanging out with my husband, and therefore I love weekends.

It's been hot this week, hotter than usual and it is especially noticeable since late May and early June were so mild and gorgeous and, in my opinion, perfect. This morning it is already 68* with 78% humidity. So our kiddie pool is getting a regular workout.

We don't have any big plans this weekend, other than continuing with household projects. I think maybe some trim? Who knows. I've got a mountain of clean socks to sort and I need to round up some hangers for the hang up clothes. I am hoping to run some errands, but it's also day 2 of a nasty headache, and by the time Evan gets up it's going to be even hotter out there, and our van has no a/c anymore, so my errand running might not happen.

I've got a few baby green tomatoes, and I'm thrilled. The baby grape tomatoes are the cutest. How the garden loves the humidity. It almost makes it worth sitting through. Almost. *grins*

Anybody know of a place where it's green and mountainous, sunny and beachy, where gardens grow tons of produce and the summers peak at 85* with little or no humidity? That would be my perfect vacation spot.

Well this ended up being quite random. And here I am wondering...

1. how do YOU beat the heat?
2. which do you think is worse - high temps or high humidity?
3. where would you go on a weekend getaway vacation?
4. what are you really doing this weekend?

Ironically, after I posted, it turned out to be a gorgeous, almost perfect day! The humidity ended up lowering drastically and it's now 81*, sunny and breezy!


ruth said...

Hey Jenny, I can't think of a vacation spot that meets your criteria, but maybe somewhere on the West Coast? I would suggest Wyoming, but even there the summer temps can pass 100*--just no humidity (and no beaches.)

To answer your questions:
1. Our main floor stays pretty cool, so I just chill out in my living room on our recliner.
2. Humidity, hands down! I can take the heat as long as it also doesn't make me damp. I'd rather wither than wilt.
3. The Jersey shore, just because it's the closest beach to us. The Atlantic is cold this far north!
4. Dinner with friends tonight, cousin's graduation party tomorrow--the good news is they have a pool.

Kara said...

We have one little air conditioner in the kitchen, so that's where I hang out.

I would LOVE to spend the night on Mackinac Island. Never done it, but I think it would be sweet.

I have a family reunion to go to tomorrow! It's usually slightly cooler in the thumb, my parents live a few miles from Lake Huron.

Tracy said...

I don't know of any vacation spots that meet your criteria. Certainly not Kansas. We've been over 100 every day this week, and the humidity is a killer.

1. We stay inside after 10:00 or turn on the sprinklers. Maybe today we'll wash the van.

2. I would take heat over humidity any day because the humidity makes it feel about ten degrees hotter.

3. I'm hoping to plan a weekend getaway this fall to Aaron's Gate in oklahoma -- just don't tell JA :)

4. This weekend we are studying for Sunday. T-ball and family pizza and movie night tonight. Dreaming of cooler days and gardens without weeds!

Mary Ann said...

1. I beat the heat by staying at work. The thermostat there is regularly set at about 65 degrees (I actually kind of hate it)
2. High humidity is the worst. Makes you feel sticky & makes my hair swell (I literally feel it lift off my scalp in frizzy curls)
3. On a weekend getaway right now I would just like to stay at my house but have no one know I was there (is that bad??)
4. This weekend I'll be working some & trying to get wedding projects completed.

Enjoy your family time this weekend, Jenny!

Shelley said...

Come to Oregon it's beautiful in the summer.
No humidity, mountains an 1 1/2 from our house, we are in the Willamette valley and our garden is very happy, the Ocean is an 1 hour away and Nate and Lissa are 1:15 mins away.

We have a kids' play room, tree house and 4 guest rooms.

A hammock, a hot tub, and trials to hike.

Your welcome anytime.

Anonymous said...

My backyard is green and mountainous if you count the piles of junk left in the back corners by the landlord. And I've been pulling in a disproportionately large amount of produce from my little garden plot. We definitely have beaches, which make you forget humidity and heat altogether. Come visit me!

Except I won't be here.

We're packing this weekend, getting in one last Chinese lesson with our tutor - taking her out to dinner. Then Sunday night after church we're having a cookout with the neighborhood couples, since 2 of the 4 couples will be moving by the end of the summer.

Tim and Richelle said...

1. i can't beat the heat here... just learn to deal with it. when desperate, take a shower (can't exactly call the water cold) and lay under the fan until you dry off and then do it all over again. ice tea, ice water, fresh squeezed lemonade or a coca always helps. occasionally, we'll splurge and run the ac for a bit.

2. high temps... i hate the humidity, but the temps don't tend to be quite so high... usually 95-105'.

3. UP of michigan... or quebec city.

4. grocery shopping, continuing to play "catch-up" with the kids' english language instruction, having elsie mae get her third & fourth in a series of 5 antibiotic shots, teaching ladies' bible study at church, going to the pool (which looked like river water thanks to the dust that blew in this morning), and continuing to pack.

dan and cheryl forbes said...

Place for your criteria: McCall, Idaho. Temp may not quire reach 85 because of altitude, but all the rest apply. Plus you can enjoy the hot springs year around.

Autum said...

1. how do YOU beat the heat? I broke down Wednesday morning and had the neighbor put the window air conditioner in on the main floor, then spent 5 hours outside. It wasn't that bad when we had water bottles to mist with. It felt pretty good.

2. which do you think is worse - high temps or high humidity? humidity - it just makes me feel blah

3. where would you go on a weekend getaway vacation? I am looking forward to going to my dad's condo up north. I also loving going to a friends place on Higgin's Lake and playing in the water there.

4. what are you really doing this weekend? Unless sister's baby makes appearance, we are going swimming tomorrow. Then I need to get laundry done, some grocery shopping, and pick up the house.

nate and lissa said...

oregon, especially bend in the summer

oh, plus we live here!

laura.railing said...

oh we totally meet all your criteria. Come to washington! Oregon and your brother are not that far away either. Where we live we have gorgeous mountains, beach ten minutes away, and right now temps in the seventies. It's heavenly. :) oh and we have farmland.skagit valley is where we are.

Stephens said...

Ok, so this is a bit late. :-) I had to tell you to come to SoCal though! Sure there is more brown than I would like right around us now, but as you get up in the mtns. it's green, and down by the beach too. We are w/in an hr. of both! Even though we hit 90s for sure in the summer, and sometimes 100 or so, the coast is 10 to 20 degrees cooler. Am I selling this? :-) Ok, on to answers:

1. AC, going to the pool or ocean--the Pacific will definitely cool you off!

2. High humidity is way worse!

3. If I could afford it? One of the amazing resorts on the ocean here in SoCal would be lovely.

4. It's over, but you can read my blog to see what we did. ;-)