Wednesday, October 15

wherein I ask the benefit of city living

Last night, I went to church with Evan. The 3-in-a-row 9:30 bedtimes combined with his case of the sniffles had proved to be too much for Aaron to handle - at least, with a cheerful spirit, poor thing!

When I arrived home, I pulled into the driveway to see a SKUNK waddle across our driveway away from our trash cans into our fenced in backyard, crossing in front of the back door.

Needless to say, I was a little apprehensive about getting out of the van. My heart raced, and thoughts of fumigation and therapy caused perhaps more panic than was warranted. I was talking to Michael on the cell phone, and I'm sure my voice went up a few decibels.


I made it. whew.

If we lived in the country, I wouldn't be concerned. But I knew the only way OUT of our fenced in backyard was the way he'd gone in, and let's not forget about our neighbors' German Shepherd. I didn't want to meet a spooked skunk, that is for sure.

This morning, I had a mess out front, trash from the garbage strewn about. That thing even had a lid on it. Sneaky skunk.

Boy am I glad he didn't feel the urge to defend himself. And I'll be really glad if the Lord allows our long term plan to move out of the city to come to fruition. Until then...anyone have any ideas to keep the skunk away?


Rosemary and Dale said...

There are MORE skunks are in the country! We keep the garbage in closed cans in the closed garage, but they LOVE the grubs in the lawn. The only reprieve that we have had from nightly skunk smell was when our sweet Lab, Angel, lived here. I took her for daily walks around the yard to leave her scent, and that seemed to ward off the 'nightly invasions'. Within a week after she died, we were back to closing the windows at night WHEW!!!! So if you are planning on a move to the country, better plan on getting a good dog for the boys :)

Kara said...

No skunk advice, sorry. As you know we live in the city as well and have seen our share of opossums and even heard coons screeching at each other in the neighbors tree, but no skunk sightings, thank goodness.

Mary Ann said...

My sister & her family live in the country & had a skunk family living very nearby this summer. One night I was there & looked out in the garage & there was a skunk in there eating the cat food. My brother in law did some super hilarious stunts to get him out. They got rid of the cat (who was a bit bothersome) the next day. Don't worry; I read somewhere that skunks hate their smell just as much as everyone else & only spray when they are really scared or cornered ;-)

Life in Lewisburg said...

We do get skunks occasionally around here. They are looking for food. You really have to have a secure garbage can to keep all creatures out. We've been blessed that our curious cat hasn't chased a skunk. She tends to chase anything that moves.