Tuesday, October 7


Clever marketing, I suppose you could call it, but I remember the first time I realized that a cap full was not necessarily the recommended amount of detergent per load. I felt a little bit ripped off. It's kinda like finding out that half a bagel is a whole serving. Or half a bottle of Snapple.

Here's the proof. In my case, the 51 load bottle would have been more like a 21 load bottle. Check it out.

Here are the instructions

And here is the line for the "small to medium" loads
I drew it on with a Sharpie to help me retain my eyesight -
the bar is not exactly obvious, for some reason.

So, whether you're doing the laundry, or trying to figure out who to vote for, I suppose it's better to read up on the facts rather than just doing as you've always done or making assumptions. In the laundry department, the soap goes twice or three times as far.


suzanne said...

that's so frustrating! Ryan and i were just having this conversation. We had bought a brand that wasn't our usual brand and that's when we discovered we were being ripped off!

Karen said...

Well said.
Like how you slipped the politics in there.

Rosemary and Dale said...

I am sure that the manufacturers know about the people (namely my sweet husband who - bless his heart - does his own laundry!!!!) who just prefer to pour in the same amount of detergent 'that they have always used'. (Don't you just have to love those steady, reliable German descendents?) I think that the new tiny measuring cap is somewhere behind the dryer... ("Pearl S. Buck:
You can judge your age by the amount of pain you feel when you come in contact with a new idea.

Karis said...

This sounds like a post I would've written. Made me smile for sure!