Friday, October 24


The 500th post giveaway has been postponed until next week. I'm still trying to think up something fun, appropriate to the occasion, and you know, that doesn't cost me more than our grocery budget.

Here's a reallycute photo to tide you over. Uncle Kris & Aunt Andrea sent Aaron a Curious George toy. Up until now, he's shunned all stuffed toys.

Up until now.

Aaron & George are inseparable. George has to sleep in a separate bed, though. Otherwise the two of them would be up all night, discussing Matters of Great Importance. It's so cute to finally begin to catch a glimpse of what Aaron is thinking. So thanks for that, Stephens'. We wish you could see it...


Alicia said...

Aaron is really looking more and more like you, Jenny! I can totally see the resemblance in the picture you posted. Hurrah for Curious George! CG is so easy to love. I can see why Aaron fell for him. :)

Rosemary and Dale said...

YEAH!!! Finally a picture on your profile of the 4 (oh, shall I say the 5) of you!!! Well, we can't leave George out! I LOVE IT!
Aunt Rosemary

Stephens said...

Awwww! Thanks for letting us "see it" through your blog. I am so happy Aaron is enjoying George. hee hee