Saturday, October 4

Double Deal Date Night

Michael and I went on a date last Friday. I planned it, and at the last minute, my plans fell through. What to substitute in our "hopping" city? An experimental trip to the local indoor putt putt golfing facility. (hey, we had a sitter and REALLY needed some time outside our house together!)

I half-jokingly said to Michael on our way out the door, "Hey, if you don't want to go putt putting, we could always hit KMart for the super double coupon sale!" Ha, ha, right?

Well, putt putt turned out to be fun, but mostly because we were together. 'Tis not a stellar course. And the smoke from the adjacent bowling alley filters in. It's especially smoky because it is the only bowling alley in Midland wherein smoking is allowed. Michael beat me by 12 strokes. We were both over par. I blame my loss on my husband's distracting good looks, but that's probably more information than you feel comfortable with.

Our game only took about a half an hour. On the way into the fresh air, Michael said, "So, wanna go to KMart?" After asking him about 7 times if he was sure he didn't mind, we headed off. Boy was I excited. Stores around here don't double coupons once you get past 50 cents, and KMart was doubling up to $2 last week! This, plus a bottle of extra strength Excederin (already given to my mom) is all the stuff we hauled away for a mere $18.36.

3 sets of shampoo/conditioner
Body Wash
3 bottles of Visine
3 deodorants
Pledge, Fantastik, and Glade Fabric & Air
Advil PM
Hair gel
Reddi Whip

The double coupon deal could NOT have come at a better time. I've been refraining from the Walgreens/Rite Aid "game" for awhile now due to a lack of time, and my stockpile had shrunk to virtually nothing! Praise the Lord for His provision! (And for a fantastic husband who helped me search the shelves in our very own grocery store game show!)

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Karis said...

I try not to think about how much I miss CVSing let alone "simple" things like weekly sales and coupons. That's not a concept that's caught on here. Neither is buying bulk for that matter. Before grabbing the largest thing of laundry detergent, I figured I should do the math from CFA to dollars and price compare. It's a good thing because the medium size was actually the best price. I found that with other items too that sometimes the "bulk" buy was actually more expensive. Anyway, glad you go to stock up.