Friday, October 17

I'm It.

Lindsay tagged me for "sixth of sixth" where I'm supposed to post the sixth photo from my sixth album. We have photo boxes instead of albums. But we "only" have four. I have my own baby book, two photo guest books from our wedding, a photo book I made on and a half-started "insert photos here" baby scrapbook for Aaron. That's only five, and that does not count. However, I do have 20 (!!!!) albums on Facebook. How in the world did I get that many? Hmm.

So here it is, the sixth of the sixth, starting with the earliest album. I was trying to figure out how old Aaron is in this picture, and the best estimate is somewhere between 8-10 months. He's wearing only a onesie, so that's my major clue. He has ALWAYS been thrilled with playing ball, any type, anywhere, anytime. He's very coordinated, and I'm not saying that just because I'm his mother. He's seriously quite talented with throwing, catching, kicking, etc. He must have gotten his father's sports talent, as I have none.

This morning I went to the mall for a few things and of course, a free cappuccino, thanks to Holley's heads up. On my way through the mall, with a baby in the sling and a two year old in the stroller, I was apprehended by a kiosk-running hair guru not once but TWICE. Do I look like a lady of leisure who has time to sit and let you show me how fantastic your products are? I guess I need to try harder to look harried (that's for you, dad).

Happy Friday!

PS - look for a special giveaway next week in honor of my having passed the 500 post mark without ceremony or notice. *hitting self on forehead*


Kara said...

What I can't stand is those people in the mall that are selling hand products and want to see your hands. Um, no thanks.

Rosemary and Dale said...

Oh boy, I better stay away from that 'free' cappuccino. With three AVID readers for grandkids, I know that it would be a VERY EXPENSIVE cup of coffee!!! They are always begging for the newest book in a favorite series. And if I buy one for one of the kids, I HAVE to buy for the other two! I bet that B&N knows about people like me :)