Friday, October 3

digital scrapbooking...uh, oh.

My friend Holley is the editor for BellaScraps, an online magazine that highlights a variety of artists and techniques for doing scrapbooks digitally.

I am not a scrapbooker. Because of this: mess. storage. mistakes. redos.

Enter the digital age of scrapbooking. You can do it all on your computer. And as if that is not cool enough, it's not just scrapbooking - it's gifts, too. Actual stuff that people like, and use. Holley made the cutest onesies ever for a baby shower at church - she printed out these little graphics that she made and ironed them on plain onesies. I'm not kidding you, they are to die for.

So, BellaScraps is a digital magazine that discusses the possibilities for you, and each month it comes with free kits, which are sets of digital images that you can use to scrapbook on your computer. Or make amazing other things, if you're not into scrapping. You should definitely check it out. Christmas is coming - and homemade gifts provide a good value as well as of course the sentimental value.

The only problem is that I'm talking myself into a new hobby. Making cool stuff without getting glue on my fingers. Hmm. My kids might just get baby books yet.

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Rachel & Jacob said...

oh i know!! i love this stuff!! but so far i just downladed and looked not tooo much creating. I did use digiscrap materials for my etsy banner though!! :)