Friday, June 27

yard sales. bounty.

I love summer for about 4 reasons.

1. mom and dad don't have school, and can spend time with us.
2. swimming pools, located outdoors.
3. fresh produce.
4. garage sales.

Other summer things don't thrill me. I am particularly averse to sweating.

Today we brought home some major bounty. I spent about $15 and got...

For Aaron:
4 pairs of pants for fall
a polo shirt
a sweater for fall
2 sets of pj's
cloth training pants, 7 pair (we know the people, don't panic!)
6 white undershirts for fall
5 Franklin Turtle videos
2 Usborne books! Woo Hoo!
4 other books
2 wooden puzzles
a fireman hat
a tiny beach ball

For Jenny:
2 maternity tanks
1 maternity shirt
2 super cute jumpers/sundresses for after pregnancy
a filmy white Gap elbow sleeve length button down shirt
Walk Away the Pounds videos 1 & 2

and a very refreshing glass of lemonade, served by the cutest little boy ever who, as I was driving away, yelled, "BYYYYYEEEE! MY NAME IS ETHAN!!!!" oh, the cuteness.

I said no to...
About 13 thousand adorable baby girl items.
A Little Tikes Play Set
Multiple things that Aaron thought were Really Cool
Toys that take up too much space

What do you like about summer? Hit any great garage sales lately??


Rosemary and Dale said...

WOW!!! Showers and showers of blessings!!! Those tank tops are going to be handy for this hot summer! (How are you doing with this heat and humidity?)
I LOVE the 'lemonade boy' story! Thanks for sharing. You made my day!
Oh...what I like about summer? 'FREE' food in the garden, sitting on the swing with Dale in the evening, having the grandkids visit.

Kara said...

For me, the BEST thing about summer is just throwing the kids in the van- not looking for boots, hats, mittens, etc. etc.
And yes, I bought a really cute pair of jeans the other day at a garage sale that I WILL fit into (eventually) after this baby is born!

Alicia said...

Sounds like you got some amazing finds! I can never resist buying drinks at garage sales. :)

I heart garage sales so much! Who doesn't though, really? So many great deals . . there's a nearby church sale that I'm anxious to hit today. They're having a bag sale in the afternoon. Hope I can make out as well as you did!

Stephens said...

Thanks for adding to our moving sale bounty! :-) Thanks even more for all the help you gave me Thurs. night in setting up the garage--especially the "13 thousand adorable baby girl items" that I had. Whew! What a task it was to get ready for that sale. I'm so thankful for you!!!

Anonymous said...

Praise the Lord for yard sales--I am not joking one bit :^) Saturday I found a beautiful solid wood girl's dresser with beautiful mirror for $35. It is working in the kitchen without the mirror as additional storage and looks beautiful until little Belle needs it. I also found ALL the completer pieces for my Phaltzgraff set and four additional place settings for $7.50. And clothes and shoes and books for the kiddos. (Wow, do they go through outfits with summer play!) As I've gotten older, I yardsale with a specific list so I am not overwhelmed with beautifual 25 cent outfits we just don't need etc. This year I am actually looking for gifts to put up for years to come. If they can wear it, what am I teaching them if a beautiful condition yardsale item isn't good enough for their birthday? It helps keep the item count under control too!
Cindy B.

Rachel said...

I haven't been to a garage sale in a looong time. I need to start perusing them though.

What a blessing for you to find such great deals!

I have been praying for you and hope that you are feeling well these days. I'm sorry that I never commented on your posts about your tooth. I was praying though! How is it feeling now?

Life in Lewisburg said...

I love the sun and fresh air. Gardening and picking fresh peas off the vine.
I enjoy the little bunny I see every morning by the apple tree.
It's fun to see Nate and Lissa at the camp working together with the kids. Eric and I like going boating on the river.
and getting out the BBQ and eatting baked beans with a potato chip.
Going for a walk in the cool of the evening and seeing all the stars in the sky.
Sitting on the hill and seeing the 4th of july fireworks which we will do with your parents.
Sometime your family will have to come for a summer visit and stay with us.

TwoMuths said...

Aunt Rosemary, Thanks for asking - so far, so good on the heat & humidity. The swelling is at a minimum and I've managed to keep pretty cool, only using the window air conditioning units when absolutely necessary!! :-)

Kara, I'm sure I'll appreciate that when we get through car seat stage!!!

Al, how'd the sale go? I LOVE church sales!!

Andrea, it was really fun! :-)

Cindy, I want to come yard sale-ing with YOU! You found some fabulous things!! I have a list this year, too, and it's working great. Do you go in Midland or Bay City? In Midland I have to watch out for high prices, for sure! (Aaron gets yard sale presents, too!!)

Rachel, thanks for the prayers! I'm feeling really great now!

Shelly, we would LOVE to come to Oregon. Maybe someday...