Thursday, June 12


I would like to praise the LORD for friends who just so happen to be oral surgeons and who have access to powerful tooth numbing drugs (shots are sometimes so, so good). These work for up to 12 hours.

happy hallelujah dance, anybody?


Kara said...

I'm happy that you are out of pain for now, but what are they going to do about your tooth if the root canal doesn't take care of the problem? Extract?

TwoMuths said...

Well, I'm on an antibiotic and they are telling me to "wait and see" if this clears up in time, but my friend the oral surgeon is helping me get through the interim time.

Yes, extraction is an option. It's the very back right side (#2) molar, so it would be a good one to come out if I had to pick one. ;-)

Kara said...

I was hoping it wasn't right up front, but you would make a cute hillbilly.

Amanda said...

Are you grinding your teeth?

I have problems with this too. Right now I have tooth pain. I am actually going in ten mins to the denist for and adjustment and a cleaning. I need it!! I have been in pain for at least a year. First it was really bad then it got better now its tolerable but I must admit that I don't eat on that side so much and haven't let him fill cavities on the other side b/c of it. My mouth is a mess. I am all for plastic sealant for my kids. Did you kow you can't get your pits and fishers clean no matter how much you brush!!