Friday, June 20

just when you think all is lost...

I laugh at myself for my stupidity. Often.

Lately a lot of "things" have been hitting us, and hard. I know God is provider, and I know that our little tiny needs are a drop in the bucket when compared with His resources. He has promised to provide for all our needs, and He will. He is good, and He is faithful. I choose to believe that even when I can't see how everything will work out. I don't need to know the end, I just need to trust.

Today, I got a tangible reminder. I found $50 in my wallet, stuffed into one of the slots that holds the plastic. Who knows when I put it there - all I know is that God allowed me to find it today, when I needed the encouragement.

*hitting self on head*


Rachel said...

I'm going to go and check MY wallet right now!! :) I'm pretty sure that I don't have $50 hiding in there though. What a special blessing - thanks for sharing.

Janelle said...

Praise God for those little things, or in your case BIG things, of encouragement He gives us just when we need it!!! He shows us yet again that He will truly take care of us and that He's in control! What a blessing!

Rachel said...

OOo very nice-- i always have money hidden in my ipod but it suprprises me to find it!!

A Dusty Frame said...

Wow! What a wonderful blessing.
I was cleaning out an old purse today and thought, "Hey! I hope I forgot some money in here!";0 but there was only some receipts;)

Thanks for participating.