Thursday, January 10


So, the kiddos.

Cadey is 16 months and pretty much ON her 16 month birthday decided to walk a bunch of steps in a row - down the hall and through the living room - just as if she'd been doing that all along.  She's also getting pretty good at throwing mini-tantrums where she folds herself in half and rests her forehead on the floor while sobbing as if her heart is breaking.  Thankfully these are few and far between and since this is our third rodeo, it's more funny than alarming.  Cadey's also learning a ton of new words, repeating things after us like a tape player.  She's turning into an even more amazing version of herself.  We like her a lot.  She has yet to reach the 20 lb milestone, but you'd never know it by the amount of food that child consumes.  She loves to eat!

Evan has this amazing sense of humor and command of the English language that sometimes has me stepping back in wonder.  He's curious and mischievous and has a great laugh and sparkle in his eyes.  He loves his preschool class at homeschool group, is an enthusiastic participant (for the first few minutes) in our school days, and loves to sit and listen to stories being read to him, although his first choice of activities is always, "let's watch something."  (No is the answer he hears more than he would like!)  He's also beginning to ask great questions about spiritual things, which is truly awesome.

Aaron is really taking off with his reading, which is SO fun to see, and will very excitedly spout answers to simple addition problems!  He is doing great with his memory work at CC, but is disinterested in learning his AWANA verses.  (we are trying to get better at working on those on a consistent basis!  There's a lot of memory work going on in this house!)  Aaron loves to create and imagine and is getting really good at drawing.  I love to watch his face as he explains his latest masterpiece.

We're all still recovering from the respiratory flu, trying to rest up and get back into a good routine of school, church, and other activities.  God is good, and we are so, so blessed.  Here are a few pictures!

we girls got new hats for Christmas!

Michael made these awesome trivets out of Swanstone countertop scraps

the kids all love the castle toy! win!!

Eventually, I'll get those New Year's cards sent...

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Mom and Dad Muth said...

Hi Jenny! I'm so glad to see that you are attempting Blogging a little bit, again. I enjoyed hearing about the grandkids. Thanks! Love ya! Mom Muth