Wednesday, January 30



Last Saturday, Aaron participated in the AWANA Games - our church hosted, and it was really fun!  Here are a few action shots.  It was really fun to watch him participate in team activities - the first of many, I am sure!!


Mom and Dad Muth said...

What fun! Was it an official Sparks A Rama? There were never enough churches in our area that had big enough clubs to do an official one. At least I don't think so. We used to have Awana Relays, which were smaller and we could plan our own games. The relays allowed for the kids to participate in all the games instead of just one or two. That was a long time ago, though.
Our Grand Prix will be pretty awesome, I hope.

Love, Grandma

TwoMuths said...

Yes, this one was official - the AWANA missionaries came and everything. :-) They are hoping for more of a turnout next year though - the Sparky circle just had 3 teams, and 2 of them were from our church. The T & T circle had 4 teams, but 3 were from our church - so we do need to have more churches join the fun! :-) The Grand Prix was last week for T & T and Aaron LOVED watching - he already can't wait for his turn! Do you do Grand Prix for all ages or just T & T?