Monday, January 7

it's all downhill from here

I go back and forth.  Obsessive/not obsessive.  Probably the fact that I'm even writing this post means that I lean more toward the obsessive.

But something happens when I stop being picky about the (rainbow) order of the plates.  First it's just the plates, but then it's the towels, out of color order AND folded hastily, and then all of a sudden there is a laundry mountain and a stack of papers, then multiple stacks, then avalanches. And the toys. Everywhere.  And then the bathroom is all of a sudden filthy, there's a pair of kid-sized pj's in the living room of all places and week old leftovers languishing behind the mushy celery in the back of the fridge, and something else that is growing a fungus, and I find myself looking around wondering how it got so bad, so quickly.

And yes, I do realize that this is my second in a row posting about the condition of my house.  Maybe it's time to call in the cavalry.  Apparently, I can't keep 1200 square feet of living space liveable.

It's gotta be the plates.

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Mom and Dad Muth said...

I think your plate stack looks fabulous! I'm in the middle of updating all of our investors' inventory sheets, so my desk is very messy right now, but you don't get to see a picture of it. Ha Ha