Monday, January 14

small steps

This weekend Michael made some shelves for our closet in the living room.  It started out as a "guest coat closet" but soon became just a mess of stacked up junk with a couple old coats thrown in for good measure. Our games were on the top shelf, shoved in corners and wobbling precariously - you had to use a step ladder and recruit backup before even thinking about playing games!  We had some boxes of rarely-referenced books and half-finished sewing projects stacked up on the floor - it was a nightmare.  I was definitely too embarrassed to actually use it as a guest coat closet!

Of course, once I started in on that project, and decided to put the homeschooling supplies in there for easier access, that opened up a space in another closet, and then another, and before I knew it, 4 closets and a few under-bed storage bins got involved and the whole house was in upheaval. 

Does this ever happen to you?

Closest I have to a before pic - oops! Love Evan's yawn...

Michael added the upper shelf for easier access

the finished closet

New Bins!

Love my label maker!

School supplies and cards

New home for my sewing stuff! Hooray!

An entire diaper box worth of coloring books?  Maybe a few too many.
Anyway, some very good things came out of this weekend's project.  I have a great space to store our school supplies, the craft and art supplies are in one location (gasp!) and our games are more accessible.  The BEST thing is that my sewing machine and sewing supply cart finally FINALLY have a permanent place of residence that is perfect.  Easy to get to - no one sleeps in the living room - and easily put away when I'm done working!  Hurray!


Mom and Dad Muth said...

What a good job you did on the closet(s)! I like to have things organized, but haven't actively done any projects lately.

We're so happy that you got that done!
Love ya, Grandma Muth

Jennilyn Small said...

This kind of thing ALWAYS happens to me. When I start trying to clean out one cupboard, I attempt to put the item where it belongs and realize that space needs organizing too, and then the domino effect occurs and every room in the house is being organized and cleaned. Thankfully, I have a small apartment and only 2 human inhabitants to worry about keeping organized. Unfortunately, that leaves me without the pictures of cute kids in my closets! :) Miss you and your family, but am glad I can "keep up" with you on here and Facebook!