Tuesday, January 22

sprouts and homeschool and progress, oh my!

I'm sprouting a spicy mix!  Can't wait for sproutwiches!

It's amazing how much a little change of scenery can help things.  For example, the occasional reading class on the couch makes my first grader much more willing to read without complaints, and a "fancy glass" of juice makes the math test fly by.  I am really enjoying getting into a groove with Aaron and homeschool.  It's great to know exactly what he's learning (or needs help with)!

Our new schedule is going relatively well also.  I'm tweaking things to try to get some housework in on a regular basis, but we're all surviving!

We've been learning about volcanos and taking more regular trips to the library!  SO thankful for our awesome library!


Alicia said...

Good for you, girl! Keep it up! I hear ya, homeschooling would be impossible without the help of a fantastic library. Pretty sure mine tops yours though. Wanna make a bet? :)

TwoMuths said...

Sure, Al, you come visit mine first. ;-)