Monday, July 13

Works of God Monday

God is at work, and it is amazing to watch. He continues to confirm His faithfulness to us, and let us be involved in His work!! This week again I was studying for junior high Sunday School with Michael and the book we're using again was a huge encouragement to us! We're studying the doctrine of Election right now, which can always be a little more than controversial, so we were excited to see what this author did with his explanation and nervous that we share what the Bible teaches and nothing more. (As we are every week!) We were very happy with how the author shared God's Word in a concise and simple manner. And we pray that God guides us as we continue to cover this topic.

I was going to type an excerpt that was a particular eye opener to me, but since I can't share the entire chapter, and I don't want to start a riot (blog or otherwise) with any misinterpretations of the excerpt, so I will simply say, buy the book - or check it out of your library, or go read this chapter at your Christian book store. Come over to our house and I'll pour you some coffee while you read it, if you like. Read the whole chapter, and know that my eye opener came at the last paragraph of the "what this means" section on page 81. I had never heard this put quite this way before, and I LOVED it. (there are some copies left on ebay...)

HA! Mysterious enough for you??

I'm also thankful this week for God's protection of my dad's health. He had some problems this week with an infection and dehydration that landed him in the hospital for a 2 night stay. I'm glad the doctors were able to help him and I am confident that God arranged all the details so that Dad was in the place he needed to be, with the right people, right when he needed to be there.

God has also provided lots of work for Michael. We are so thankful that his job (construction) continues - and it looks like the jobs keep coming in! It's been a pretty consistent summer - he's even been able to work some overtime! Praise the Lord!!

And lastly, my boys who are sleep deprived from the past weeks of activity, BOTH were sleeping by 8 and have yet to rise. Michael and I were in bed by 9:20, and I feel fantastic this morning! Woo Hoo for long and uninterrupted SLEEP!

So, how has God been working in your life and family this week? Please share!

"Therefore encourage one another and build one another up..." 1 Thess. 5:11

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Shelley said...

I'm thankful your dad is doing better.

Momma Rae and the Deputy said...

I love the bit about sleeep! i love and crave that as well. :)God has been so goood to provide what I need since we have gotten our boys!