Thursday, July 16

thursday, thursday

My children are growing. I know they are supposed to, I just am always taken by surprise when they do. Aaron was running around this morning while he was getting dressed, and I was simply amazed at the length of the child. I'm sure my amazement will grow with him until both tower over me. His imaginary play is also getting more intricate. I've started overhearing him telling stories to his stuffed animals and making up dialogue between little cars. Hilarious.

Evan is the most persistent 11 month old I have ever seen. I think we are going to have our hands full here, folks. When he's not determined to get something, he's pretty easy going and is in general a smiley, happy baby with 5 little pearly white teeth. He consumes food with much glee. We transitioned to soft cooked chunky food about 2 weeks after starting puree. It's so much easier, and since I waited so long to introduce solids, that just worked out perfectly. Last night I made broccoli for the family and forgot to get some out for Evan before I added garlic, so he smelled like a little Italian restaurant when I dropped him off at the nursery for church.

The boys are also starting to play together a little bit more, rolling the ball back and forth and at least playing with the same toy (like blocks) at the same time. They both love to swing on our backyard set. I'm sure by next summer, we will have more grass stains and park trips than we know what to do with.

I need an energy vitamin, I think.

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Shelley said...

Wait till next year they really will be playing together and there will be no turning back.

To this day Carmen and Lissa just look at each other and laugh. There is nothing like siblings.