Saturday, July 11

And the party continues!

We had a fun time today celebrating the opening of my new business, and I would like to give you all the opportunity to participate from far away! (Or nearby, if you were unable to make it) So come on in and join the fun! There's a party goin' on!!

So, send me an email to join my mailing list (OOPS! Can't link to my site I just found out!), for one entry in the drawing. If you really want to win, you can book a show (cooking or catalogue) by emailing me for 2 entries, or place an order (I'll send you a link), which will earn you five entries.

What will you win? A large rectangle bar pan is all!


Karen said...

I neeeeed that pineaple corer--we LOVE pineapple, but I abhor all the cutting.

Also, I've been coveting the deep covered baker for many, many moons. Good luck with your business!

Alicia said...

The garlic peeler looks interesting but I seriously desire that kitchen spritzer for olive oil/lemon juice. And all that bamboo stuff is beautiful!

Stephens said...

I've been to one party in my life, years ago. I didn't know that they had the variety of products that they do! I love the cranberry stoneware--RED! :-) I like the beaded serving utensils too. Very cool stuff. I hope you enjoy selling and do very well!