Tuesday, July 14

I do not understand...

1. why smokers feel that littering is okay. (you know, tossing their half smoked butts out the window)

2. what makes people smoke their first cigarette in the first place (I get addiction as being why they continue, but why do they start?? Have they not heard of cancer?)

3. why our Kroger tosses out perfectly good, albeit overripe, produce instead of marking it down.

4. why there aren't more stringent interview processes for customer service representatives.

5. why my laundry seems to self-propagate.

There is much, much more that I do not understand. Things that are too amazing to understand, and things that are too wacky. But I have listed 5, so this is all for now.

Except this: grapesicles. Yum. This, I understand.


Kelly Glupker said...

Well said! I especially agree with #1 and #4!!!

Abby said...

Here's one from this morning - I do not understand why patients (I work at a hospital) who only have ONE lung, will still stand outside and smoke!!!!!

Also, I do not understand how pregnant women feel it's ok to smoke!!

Don't get me started :-)

I'm going to try those grapesicles - YUMMY!!

Shelley said...

The smoking thing bothers me too.
It's an addition and I have relatives that are additced and have tried to quit but if you are married or work with other smokers it's difficult to stop.
The person begins to loose self esteem and gives up and dosen't care any more.
I've talked to the smokers I know and they are very much aware of the problem.
We need to pray and and encourage them to stop.

The food thing at the grocery store is wasteful. It could be that the store policy, city or state or fedreal government has gotten involved. It could be that a customer sued them or complained alot. Who knows.
I see perfectly good food in boxeds out on the curb side in NY city. The homeless eat well so do the rats.

We have some stores in Corvalllis that mark down and some that do not. It's usually the chain stores that don't they are more regulated.

Laundry, well it does grow I'm convienced of that. I thought when the girls leave we will have less laundry. Not so. We have the same and sometimes more because we are gardeners.
So I just do it daily first thing in the morning.

I love summer for the fruity popscicles but at my age I don't indulge like I use to. I don't run around like little kids do, so the calories stay.

Life is funny

Kara said...

That's how I feel after I've busted my butt for an hour on a patient removing their tartar and tobacco stain- only to see them on the way to their car lighting up a cig. Grrr.

Anonymous said...

1. I HATE that too! It should be a huge fine for that!
3. There are guidelines for produce in the grocery store...it could make you sick and they would be liable.
5. Laundry self propagates because you have children :) and a hubby that works for a living! (Try 4 children LOL)

nate and lissa said...

2. I think it is because james dean made it look cool

Rosemary said...

Oh boy, don't get us started the topic of smoking!!!
HOW DO THOSE BUTTS KEEP ENDING UP AT THE END OF MY DRIVEWAY???!!!! Who is doing that??? I think that I need a video surveillance camera out there.
But my pet peeve: You have to run through a gaunlet of smokers (holding your breath all the way) to get into or out of the hospital, store or other public place, because they put the 'smoking area' right outside the door.
People that we love have missed out on so much of life (great-grandbabies, graduations, weddings) because someone once offered them a cigarette. Dale's dad, my brother Grant, my uncle Al (the list goes on) all suffered agonizing struggles with diseases caused by smoking. Anyone about to take that first addictive puff should have to sit for one hour with a person dying from lung cancer... struggling to take the next (or last) breath.
OK, I'm done... Thanks for the topic and the chance to vend .. I feel better :)

Amanda Irene said...

well just like chew cigarettes give you a high when you start smoking them.

Yuck! I am glad I never started that. Now if I could just lay off the twinkies, fudge bars, sweet tarts, choc pie...........

TwoMuths said...

yeah, well, I hate to be snarky, but Kroger would have sold me the moldy berries at full price, so they can't be that concerned about my getting ill. Ha ha.

Amanda Irene said...

hahah so true!